Clogged shower and tub drains

Most bathroom drain clogs are the result of dirt, hair and even skin flakes combined with soap scum. This nasty combination can build up on the walls of drain pipes and reduce water flow. Bathroom drains clog gradually.  If possible, try to improve water flow before you have a major clog.

Troubleshooting a clogged shower drain: Clean your drain stoppers routinely to prevent clogs.  You can also use a hair strainer drain-cover to trap hair before it goes down the drain. When your water flow slows down or you have a clog, begin by removing and cleaning the drain stopper. Shine a flashlight into the drain to look for obvious debris and hair.  Remove all visible debris, replace your drain stopper, and see if it improves the flow.  If the drain is still slow, try using a plunger.  If these techniques do not work, a plumbing hand snake can be used on the drain. Feed the end of the cable into the drain hole. When you feel the cable stop, crank the handle clockwise to snag the clog.  Continue cranking while pulling the clog all the way out.

Troubleshooting a clogged tub drain:  Just like the shower, your tub drain can also become caked with hair and soap. To clear a clogged bathtub drain, unscrew the overflow plate, which is the plate under the faucet and above the drain in the tub. Pull the stopper from the drain that should be connected to the overflow plate. Clean any hair and soap off of the overflow plate and the stopper mechanism. This may be the source of the clog. Run the faucet to check. If it still overflows, you can use a plumbing hand snake to clear the clog.

To snake the drain, insert the beginning of the snake wire into the opening, and crank out several inches of wire. Continue to crank and press forward into the drain until you feel the snake meet the obstruction. Twist the cable with the handle until the snake has grabbed the obstruction. Now you can crank in reverse, bringing the snake back through the drain with the clog. After disposing of the clogged hair and soap, clean off the snake, put the stopper back down the drain and screw the overflow plate back on. Run hot water down the drain for a few moments to clear any loose debris.

A clogged drain can cause a mess, so have some paper towels and cleaning supplies nearby.

If these tips don’t improve the water flow in your shower, sink or tub, call NRH Plumbing.  We provide only qualified technicians and guarantee our work.  Look no further than NRH Plumbing. Call 612-900-7728.