Commercial Drain Services

If you own a business, a properly working plumbing system is vital. Having a good preventative maintenance program to keep drains clear will minimize and prevent plumbing issues.  NRH Plumbing’s skilled commercial plumbers can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs. Call 612-900-7728 for free estimates.

Sewer Drains: Commercial sewer drains are an essential part of the overall plumbing system in your company.  If they are blocked or damaged it can cause major headaches for you and your business. The most common cause of commercial sewer drain blockages is simple buildup. This is usually caused by dirt, debris, tree roots, and other deposits.  In some businesses, you’ll also find that grease and other organic matter can quickly build up in pipes and drain lines.  This can cause blockages that can result in overflowing manholes, lower level backups, and sanitary sewer overflows. These overflows can discharge into storm drains and other water ways. If you have a serious clog, contact NRH Plumbing. Our qualified technicians can help clear drains in a variety of ways, including snaking, auguring, or by using high-pressure water jetting.

Commercial Sink and Toilet Traps:  Commercial sink and toilet plumbing is very different from your home.  The drain system is more complex and has more parts to maintain.  If you have a blockage, the most common problem in institutional and commercial buildings involve toilet and sink traps. Traps are used to stop objects from becoming lodged deep in the drain line, where they are very difficult to locate and remove. Traps are also used to hold a quantity of water between the drain opening and the sewer and to prevent sewer gases from escaping.  Commercial kitchens also have grease traps to keep large quantities of grease out of drains.  However, grease traps require maintenance.  If they aren’t collected and removed periodically, the grease will eventually solidify and block the flow through the pipe.

Storm Drains: Storm drains collect water and direct it to drain lines during excessive rain and storms.  Storm drains need to be maintenance and remain clear so that your business is protected from flooding and sewage backups during storms. NRH Plumbing is available 24/7 to assist you in an emergency.

Don’t let your plumbing system drain you. Whether you have a simple blockage or a larger problem, a we can diagnose the issue and repair it. NRH Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer emergency plumbing help. Contact us at 612-245-7280 or 612-900-7728.