Commercial Toilet Plumbing

Commercial toilets and urinals are made to withstand frequently use (and abuse) by the public. Modern toilets have evolved but unfortunately, they aren’t the simple bathroom fixtures we have at home. Advances in technology have made flushing more economical but it has also made them more complicated.  As a result, many more things can go wrong when trying to repair or install a commercial toilet. If toilets aren’t working properly, businesses and property can be quickly damaged. Immediate repair is important to the safety of your employees and your customers.

If you have new construction, our licensed technicians can help select and install state of the art plumbing systems. If your business has clogged toilets, leaks, cracked tanks or bowls, constantly running water, flushing issues or water pressure issues our licensed professionals can repair, replace and relocate the pipes associated with your commercial toilets. Our plumbers ensure that manufacturer’s standards are met when servicing your commercial or institutional bathrooms.

We use quality parts when repairing, rebuilding or replacing an existing toilets or urinal. These parts include:

  • Flush valves and lever assemblies
  • Auto sensor valves
  • Flushometers
  • Floats and flappers
  • Fill valve and shut off valves
  • Tank and bowl
  • Drain pipes
  • Water pipes

New construction? Remodeling? Installing new toilets? Commercial toilets are available in a wide variety of styles to accommodate every application and need, including: standard, tankless, dual flush, high efficiency, comfort height, Air assisted, and pressure assisted.

NRH technicians are able to select an install all varieties of toilets to support your business.  Considering a dual flush? Reduce water usage and save money by converting your standard toilet to a dual flush unit!

When you require the services of a good, reliable commercial plumber, look no further than NRH Plumbing.  Our skilled commercial plumbers can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs. Call 612-900-7728 for free estimates. We also provide emergency services to keep your business running.