High Water Pressure

If you think you have high water pressure, you will want to address it immediately.  High water pressure can cause your toilets to run, leakage in your pipes, and even more serious issues. If not handled right away, non-insulated or loose pipes can hammer against the wall or against other pipes, causing potential internal damage or bursts.

Here are some signs that your water pressure is too high:

  • Banging or noisy water pipes when you turn on or off water at a faucet
  • Spitting from the water faucet when water is turned on
  • Short water heater life
  • Leaking faucets even after repair
  • Running toilets
  • Leaks in your washing machine or dishwasher
  • If applicable, septic drainfield flooding
  • Increased sewer bill costs if your community charges on water usage metering.
  • Increased hot water heating costs
  • Wasted water – higher water usage

The cause of high water pressure depends on the source of your water. Some national codes even regulate the amount of water pressure to your home. If you get your water from a local city municipality, then it may be a problem on the water utility provider’s end. Contact the water company to express your concerns and see if others in your area have a similar problem. Your local utility provider may offer to check your water pressure and they may even install a water pressure reducing valve to dial down the pressure for you. However, some municipalities may feel that it is your responsibility to deal with the high-water pressure on your own. If you have your own water well, you are also responsible for the water pressure in your home.  High water pressure may be a sign of trouble with your water pressure valve or your well pump.

It’s always wise to call a professional when you suspect that you have high water pressure.  NRH’s licensed and skilled plumbers can confirm water pressure issues for you and protect your home from significant damage. Contact NRH Plumbing at 612-900-7728 for an immediate appointment!