Your home is vented to allow air to enter the pipes as water drains away. When enough air enters the vent, water and waste will drain properly. Vent pipes are installed in your home plumbing system and extend from the drainpipes up through the roof to provide that passage. Venting is important to your entire water system. For example, proper venting allows your toilet to swirl and empty quickly when it’s flushed. However, if the venting doesn’t let enough air in, you may hear the sink gurgle when you flush the toilet. Venting also allows sewer gases to escape and prevents them from building to dangerous levels inside your home.

When the vents get blocked, the flow of water creates negative pressure in the drain pipes. This force of suction stops water from flowing and sucks air in through P-traps. A blocked vent may cause more frequent blockages in the pipes because the slow flow of the water allows sediment to settle more easily. Another sign of poor venting in your toilet is air bubbles that rise up through your toilet bowl (except when it flushes.) You may also notice the water level rising and falling. In the case of extreme blockages, you may not hear gurgling, but you’ll be able to smell sewer gases in the rooms where the affected fixtures are located. This problem needs to be addressed immediately. Besides being odorous, the fumes are dangerous and harmful for you and your family.  Contact NRH Plumbing immediately.

To troubleshoot a vent issue, check that nothing is blocking the vent pipe opening on your roof. Sometimes storm debris or bird nests block the vent pipe. If it looks clear, check under sinks for gulp valves. Gulp valves are typically mounted at the end of a drain line. The valve prevents sewer gas from escaping the drain line but allows air into the vent pipe when there’s enough suction.  Fill the sink with water and then drain it out all right away. You should hear air getting sucked into the gulp valve. If not, the valve might need to be replaced.

Venting can be a serious issue for your home and your health. NRH Plumbing provides only qualified technicians and we guarantee our work. When your business requires the services of a good, reliable commercial plumber, look no further than NRH Plumbing. Call 612-900-7728 for a free estimate.