Commercial Pipe Services

Many of the plumbing issues your business experiences can be fixed by your maintenance team.  However, when more complicated problems arise such as sewer and drain pipe issues, call NRH Plumbing for help. If your water and sewer lines are backed up, cracked, corroded or damaged, it can cause significant damage to your property and affect your business. There are a variety of reasons your business may need pipe services:

Commercial Toilet Plumbing

Commercial toilets and urinals are made to withstand frequently use (and abuse) by the public. Modern toilets have evolved but unfortunately, they aren’t the simple bathroom fixtures we have at home. Advances in technology have made flushing more economical but it has also made them more complicated.  As a result, many more things can go wrong when trying to repair or install a commercial toilet. If toilets aren’t working properly, businesses and property can be quickly damaged. Immediate repair is important to the safety of your employees and your customers.

Backflow services

Backflow is a movement of dirty water in the reverse direction through clean water lines. In the normal plumbing process, potable or clean water flows under pressure through municipal water lines to your businesses. Having clean water entering your commercial property is imperative for a properly functioning plumbing system. A backflow of dirty water can be contaminated with hazardous materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, feces, and other toxins.  This can cause serious health hazards if left unchecked. Backflow can occur at any cross-connection point between potable and non-potable water in the plumbing system and can cause damage to your business as well as your plumbing system.

Commercial Drain Services

If you own a business, a properly working plumbing system is vital. Having a good preventative maintenance program to keep drains clear will minimize and prevent plumbing issues.  NRH Plumbing’s skilled commercial plumbers can handle all of your commercial plumbing needs. Call 612-900-7728 for free estimates.