Preventive Home Care Program

NRH Plumbing Preventive Home Care assists in maintaining your plumbing system by offering a yearly tune up. We will visit your home once a year to inspect your plumbing system. Maintaining your plumbing system is very crucial in preventing any hidden leaks or problems that could be costly if undetected sooner.

homeOur qualified technician can also determine ways of saving you money by changing out your existing water heater to a tank less, more efficient water heater or upgrading your faucet or toilet(s) to a water saving option. Schedule an appointment today to discuss our Preventive Home Care Program with one of our technicians.

It is critical to have us conduct preventative maintenance that can save you as a homeowner, thousands of dollars in damages down the road.  Nobody likes plumbing emergencies.

Going the extra mile on your home’s maintenance means you are well prepared and well protected against these plumbing emergencies.

Services included on a yearly bases at the low payment of $65/year are:

Home Care Checklist

  • Water Heater Inspection: We will examine the efficiency of your unit’s pressure relief valve and thermostat.
  • Faucet Inspection: Did you know that a leaking faucet can waste hundreds of gallons per week?
  • Toilet Inspection: We will make sure your toilet is properly maintained against leaks. Much like a leaky faucet, several gallons of water each day are wasted if unattended.
  • Shutoff Valve Inspection: During an emergency leak, you will need to know where your main water shutoff valve is located and if it functions properly.  Our technicians will examine all of your shutoff valves to make sure they are reliable in case of emergency.
  • Additional Plumbing Protection: We will inspect your water pressure, gas connectors, and hoses on your appliances. 

No project is too big or too small, our guys can do it all.  Call us 24 hours any day of the week for all of your service issues.