Water Heaters/Softeners

The service that we provide to our customers remains unmatched by our competitors.  NRH Plumbing is the first choice you should make when it comes to installing your water heater or softener.  We are here to make sure you choose the best model for you and your family, while saving you money.  We have confidence that the manufacturers we work with have the ideal products to meet your needs.

rheemWhy hire NRH Plumbing to install or maintain your water heater or softener?

  • Licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Trained and knowledgeable of all products we install.
  • Familiar with all State and Federal plumbing codes.
  • Equipped with all the tools and accessories to complete the job correctly.
  • Willing and able to provide service and support now and in the future.

Having a water softener installed and maintained will benefit your home or business.

  • Water using appliances last longer. Softened water maintains energy efficiency.
  • Laundry is cleaner with reduced fading and fabric wear. Soap and detergent use can be substantially reduced.
  • Dishes and glassware look cleaner and brighter.
  • Hard water can cause dryness to skin and hair. Skin and hair washed in soft water look and feel better.

We service & maintain all makes and models of water heaters and softeners.

Here are a few we recommend: